Heavy-Duty Truck Sessions

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Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) magazine, the authority on alternative fuels for heavy-duty trucks, has designed a complete track of fleet-specific education on increasing efficiency and cost savings.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013





Reduce Idling to Save on Fuel and Cut Emissions
A typical linehaul fleet sees 20% to 30% idle time over the course of a year. A general rule of thumb is that every extra 10% idle time equals another percentage point in fuel economy savings. On top of that, many areas have laws limiting idling in order to cut exhaust emissions. In this panel discussion, learn about some of the options available to reduce idling in your fleet, including auxiliary power units, shore power and more, while still allowing drivers to rest comfortably and enjoy in-cab creature comforts.
Moderator: Dave Moniz, Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine
Paul Barbaro, Thermo King; Adam Cook, Idle Free; Bill Gordon, Bergstrom Inc.; Dale Peay, Espar Heater Systems

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Case Study: How the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Successfully Implemented Biodiesel into its Fleet Operations
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has gone to great expense to ensure that alternative fuels and their accompanying infrastructure are available at all of its fueling sites. A key component of this effort is the agency’s 10-year-old biodiesel program. As a result of this program, 85% of the Port Authority’s fleet is considered “green.”   This compelling case study will demonstrate how the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, by working closely with its suppliers and client departments, overcame initial user resistance and learned how to successfully address the growing pains typically associated with biodiesel.
Presenter: Jim Reinish, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey


Wednesday, October 2, 2013





Natural Gas: Real-World Success Stories
Fleets using compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas will discuss their experiences in choosing and implementing natural gas fueling strategies, including equipment concerns, fueling infrastructure, maintenance, driver training and acceptance, return on investment and more.
Moderator: Deborah Lockridge, Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine
Charles Musgrove, Dillon Transport; Marty Tufte, Waste Management





Truck Makers Update on Green Vehicles
This panel of heavy-duty truck maker representatives will discuss what they're doing to meet greenhouse gas/fuel economy regulations for 2014 and beyond, the current and future status of alternative fuels, hybrid/electric and more. 
Moderator: Deborah Lockridge, Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine
 Andy Douglas, Kenworth Truck Company; Roy Horton, Mack; Nadine Haupt, Navistar Inc.; Bill Kahn, Peterbilt; Krzysztof Hus, Daimler Trucks North America 




Asking the Right Questions When Considering the ROI of Green Fleet Strategies
Fleet managers today face pressures to go green from customers, top company management, regulatory agencies and more. But before jumping into a big investment in new vehicles and infrastructure, it's important to do your homework. This session will explore the important questions fleets need to ask themselves in order to choose the best green fleet strategy for their particular operation.
Presenter: Ken Gillies, GE Capital Fleet Services

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